Destination of the Week: Rome

One of Bernini's epic fountains in Rome's elegant Piazza Navona

Lately, I’ve been hard at work on some articles for popular site The Points Guy, which shows travelers how to get the most out of their points programs for flights, hotels and more. My second piece for them is a guide to the exciting Italian city of Rome, featuring top hotels and their points exchanges.  

This past May, I visited Rome for the first time and fell madly in love with this vibrant city. It was a real pleasure to write about it for TPG, and I ask that you please enjoy Destination of the Week: Rome


  1. Wow, a very comprehensive article! I like the detailed reviews of hotels….Rome is on of my favorites to visit, but I prefer actually getting out of the city and seeing (and eating) the real Italy.

  2. I wonder where your article is? am I missing something here? But I do love Italy, I love Rome, and I love every pieces of art it offers. As for the restaurants, I enjoyed eating at La Tevernaccia; simple, crowded sometimes, but it’s the kind of crowd I like, I don’t know why. From pasta to lasagna, to the grilled meat and fish, they’re all good. Although they don’t have a wide variety of wine, they are carefully chosen, so you’re sure to have one of their bests. La Tevernaccia is just a small part of Rome, and I’d love to have another visit and explore more of it.

  3. Rachel, thank you for your comment! My article is accessed via the highlighted link above — and here it is again:

  4. hello Melanie,
    I’m sorry about that, my bad! :>

  5. No worries, Rachel! The Internet means never having to say you’re sorry. 🙂

  6. Melanie – what a GREAT article! Rome is a fantastic location in Italy and you did a wonderful job capturing all the important travel elements that goes into planning a vacation.

    I recently traveled to Rome and made it to nearly all those key attractions that you listed in the article. However, I did not make it to Villa Borghese / Borghese Gardens….this sounds absolutely amazing. Such a great place to find the combination of rich history and Italian beauty!

  7. If you like roma i reccommend you to visit florence. I absolutely prefer it than rome, and also the food is better!

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