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Just another swanky listing from Love Home Swap

I’ve just recently learned about Love Home Swap, a cool new service that allows you to list your stylish home and swap it for another when you travel.

It puts a lovely spin on the concept of “a home away from home.”

I’ve seen my fair share of global holiday rental services, but Love Home Swap offers something unique: for $159 US per year, you can list and exchange your home for stylish ones all over the world, as many times as you please. Suddenly, travel seems a whole lot more affordable.

Recently listed as the Hot New Travel Trend for 2011 by UK newspaper The Sunday Times, the company’s founder was inspired by the movie The Holiday, wherein two women swap homes in the English countryside and L.A., respectively, and discover new lives and loves.

Assuming you intend to bring your own love with you on vacation, your home will generally be empty in your absence. What if you could fill it with new friends from other states, provinces or countries, all while you traipse off to your dream destinations for only the cost of airfare and groceries?

The homes listed with LHS range from luxurious mansions to stylish pied-á-terres to small, cozy lodgings in far-flung locales, and feature special architectural details and unique furnishings. But before you indulge in home-swap insecurity, remember that while you might not think your home qualifies as a gem, for someone looking for a great holiday in your hometown, chances are it fits the bill just beautifully.

Signing up for Love Home Swap is easy: browse homes in destinations you’d like to visit, upload photos and a description of your own home and reach out to your fellow swap-ees. It’s recommended that home-swappers keep an open line of communication, sharing a phone call and/or several e-mails to decide on mutual expectations. Once you’ve covered these bases, go ahead and pack your bags.

To get an idea of the homes on offer, here’s a few to wet your whistle:

Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Atlanta, Georgia
Marrakech, Morocco
(Just outside of) Paris, France


  1. I would go to Sorrento, Italy. My first trip to Europe was when I was 16, and my favorite memory of the entire trip was a night out in Sorrento. I would love to go back and walk those streets again!

  2. thailand

  3. I had a home swap membership for a while, but let it lapse. Would LOVE to win this! I’d swap my Colorado home (30 mins from ski slopes!) to somewhere w/ palm trees.

  4. I live about 15 miles from Washington, DC and always thought it would be a desired destination for house swappers from around the world. I would trade for a place in the France, Italy, Hawaii, Ireland, Scotland, or Alaska. Give me a few minutes and I will think of dozens of more places. Love the idea!

  5. tracy davis says:

    I would go to Sweden

  6. crystle tellerday says:

    somewhere around orlando fl

  7. Frederick Rotzien says:

    I would go to Mexico

  8. hazel hunt says:

    Would love to win!!


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