The TWT Travel Gear Roundup #2

I’m often asked what sort of gear Adam and I use when we travel, so…here’s some more of what we take both hither and yon:

KEEN Newport H2 & Venice H2 Sandals

These were our best travel purchase in 2009.  When we learned the shallow shore-edge waters of the Cook Islands are all but paved with sea cucumbers, we agreed that some sturdy, waterproof shoes were in order. Turns out these lightweight, canvas, adjustable slip-ons with reinforced toes, grippy soles and comfy footbeds are also ideal for muddy jungle hikes, waterfall splashing and clambering up and down mossy ruins. Yes, they make our feet a little sweaty, but not as much as socks and sneakers together. Bonus, they’re a little collapsible, so take up very little room in our suitcases. (Men’s Newport H2 and Women’s Venice H2, $95 US per pair.)


We bring these earphones with us on every flight. I use the Ultimate Ears, though technically speaking they were a gift to Adam from his business partner. (Such a relief, as I just learned they cost a staggering $400 US.) My ear openings are pretty small, so the soft little buds are much easier on me than most earphones. The fact that they also effectively cancel out most extraneous noise on planes full of other human beings? Great big bonus. The Bang & Olufsens ($160 US) were a gift to Adam from his uncle, and he loves the security of being able to hook them over his ears…and pass out.

The Ultimate Ears coil up in a little tin, and the B & O’s come with their own flat, leather carrying case. The UE’s can plug right into an in-flight console, but Adam had to purchase a little airplane adaptor for his B & O’s ($10.45 US).


I’ve just taken a blurry, yellowy photo of our camera with my iPhone, neatly illustrating why our Canon is a good idea in the first place.

This is our third Canon, and we’re in love. At about 4 x 2 inches, it’s compact and lightweight, and allows us a great deal of control over color, light, viewing angle, etc. The 12x optical zoom has allowed us to nab everything from a breaching whale to a butterfly. We’ve never needed more than one extra data card for a 10-day trip. And while the image stabilizer feature doesn’t insure that we get every in-motion photo we’d like, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Sure, we’d love a camera that performs better at night — we don’t always get the after-dark shots of our dreams. But now that we’ve schlepped Adam’s enormous office Canon (the EOS 50D) and three lenses that fit in a big ol’ backpack on a past trip, we can now consider the comparable photo quality, space saved, ability to hide the smaller camera, and the fact that I’ve never bruised myself carrying it…and vote resoundingly for the PowerShot (about $300 US).

The Tamrac case (about $15 US) is cushy and protective, doesn’t add much bulk and because of the bright red patch, is easy to find in a backpack or purse. However, the mini-pocket inside may be designed to hold extra data cards, but its shallow neoprene is ill-suited to hold little plastic objects; after picking up our cards from the ground a few times, we’ve stopped using the pocket altogether. Also, be mindful of the strap on the Canon getting routinely snagged on the case’s velcro closure;  best to pull the strap to the side each time.

What stuff do you take with you when you travel?


  1. Your red Keens are so cute! Like you and Adam, Andy and I have discovered that Keens or a keens-like closed-toe hiking sandal is excellent for traveling — especially in Hawaii.

  2. Exactly! That’s why these puppies are coming with us to Maui in a few weeks. 🙂

  3. Way too much technical gear for us! The laptop is a necessity to download photos daily and stay connected. Our list seems to grow with each trip!

    I know what you mean about the weight of the Canon 50D. We’re looking at upgrading our 350D but the weight of the 70D and lenses is over 2 kgs. Not something I’d want hanging around my neck all day long 🙂

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