Cape Cod: Jay and Tony’s Provincetown

Tony (L) and Jay (R) on Cape Cod

Our friends Jay and Tony have been together about 14 years, and in that time have traveled around the world with each other. But the place they keep returning to, year after year, is Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

With Fall temps in the mid-70s during vivid-blue sunny days, the high 40s on clear, starry nights, and changing autumn leaves on the way, this just might be the perfect time to escape there for a last-minute weekend of your own.

Jay says that Cape Cod is such a part of their travel routine, he’s actually lost track of how many times they’ve been there since he and Tony met (at Mardi Gras in New Orleans) in 1995. They both have a rounded sense of America, as Jay spent most of his life in the Midwest, Tony in the Deep South, and now they live in Los Angeles; but for them, nothing compares to the soft, gauzy light, pastel-watercolor palette, friendly people, rough-shingle architecture and sea-fresh cuisine of the Cape.

Provincetown Harbor

Their first few trips to Cape Cod were to Provincetown, on the furthermost tip of Cape Cod, for anywhere from four to seven days.

Downtown Ptown

Provincetown, or as it’s more colloquially known, “Ptown,” is known for being both an artists’ and a gay/gay-friendly community. Ptown is very casual by nature and you could spend days just wandering through the art galleries, curio shops and clothing stores.  Jay and Tony especially love digging through the entire Marine Specialties store, which boasts a vast, quirky inventory of everything from old American Airlines china to army issue surplus supplies.

In Ptown, most visitors stay in historic inns, and there are dozens to choose from.  Jay and Tony’s choice for several years was the Anchor Inn Beach House, the only inn on the water side of narrow Commercial Street (one of two main streets, running east-west through town).

A three-story former captain’s home from the 19th century, the Anchor Inn has a large covered front porch with about a dozen wooden rocking chairs. You could spend most of your day on this porch:  Steal away with fresh baked breads and pastries from the morning buffet, spend an afternoon watching the foot traffic parade on by, or unwind after an evening of drinking, dining and dancing.

Jay and Tony especially loved the Anchor when their favorite innkeeper, Bea, was still there; however, the inn has changed hands, and after a disappointing stay there in 2008, they worry it may never again be as homey a place to stay. Tripadvisor’s reviews seem mixed.

A fabulous garden in Provincetown

Ptown boasts metric tons of cafes, restaurants and diners. Some of Jay and Tony’s favorites are:

All this said, they feel no trip to Ptown is complete without a visit to Spiritus Pizza. A landmark on the Cape for over 30 years, Spiritus sells great New York pizza by the slice. When area bars close at 1am, hundreds of people congregate out front here to scarf hot pizza and talk into the wee hours of the morning.

In case you choose to visit all of the eateries above, know that you can easily burn off calories and sightsee at the same time: Rent bikes at Ptown Bikes and ride the paths through the Province Lands and over to Race Point Beach. Continue around to Herring Cove, head out to the very tip of Cape Cod, and back around to the west end of Commercial Street and the heart of Ptown.

<All photos courtesy of Jay Werner>

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