Best of Los Angeles: Guest Posts on Wild Junket

I’d like to take a brief break from revisiting Western Canada to point you towards my recent guest posts on Wild Junket, the beautiful, thoughtful and informative travel blog written by Nellie Huang.

Please visit Wild Junket to read:

Best of Los Angeles – Dining
Best of Los Angeles – Swanky Hotel/Rooftop Bars


Usually based in Singapore, Nellie was just here in Los Angeles, where I was happy to meet her and witness her introduction to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  This Wednesday she’ll be winging off for Argentina, where she’ll reunite with her fiancee, Alberto, to travel around South America…

…for the next four months.

So when Nellie asked me to guest post for her about Los Angeles during this first leg of her travels, I was happy to rise to the occasion.  After all, L.A. is the city I’ve lived in for 16 years, so there’s a lot to say.

For more on Nellie and Alberto, check out my Traveling Couples interview with them.

We wish them a grand time on their South American “travels with two” adventure!


  1. Melanie, thanks for the brilliant guest posts (already the top posts on my blog), and great night out in LA. I’ll be posting on my trip around South America, so stay tuned, and happy travels!

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