Travels With Two Has Hit the T-List!

Still basking in that warm post-election glow, I’m pleased to announce that Travels With Two has made a modestly auspicious debut on the global travel blogging scene!

Über-popular travel blog Happy Hotelier has recently released its just-about-annual T-List, the definitive list of Technorati-ranked travel blogs. Out of 300 blogs, Travels With Two is presently ranked at 235.  

TWT is in excellent company, below the ever-popular travel review source, TripAdvisor (192) but above travel guide Lonely Planet (283).  Ooh, la la.

In this growing little industry, making the T-List means that your blog has arrived. As travel fans yourselves, take a look at the list and enjoy discovering what’s out there on the scene!


  1. Congratulations!!! A well-deserved recognition – keep it up guys!

  2. Congratulations, Melanie – that’s quite a feat! I hope to someday achieve successful blogging status as well :).


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